Tis The Season

You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Well this is the first year I heard about Giving Tuesday.  And here in Colorado there’s Colorado Gives, which is tomorrow! What a great idea!  Instead of buy, buy, buy…these sites are all about give, give, give.

In addition to all the gifts and fun this season, I encourage you to give as well.  Give what you can.  I don’t have any set charities I give to, but around this time of year I make a conscientious effort to give when I can.  To me, that means a dollar to every Salvation Army bell-ringer.  And if I run out of dollars, then whatever spare change I have.  Before Thanksgiving, my local grocery store had a food drive as well, so I donated a bag of canned goods.  And I always round-up if there is an opportunity at the grocery store to do so or even donate $5 for a meal for a family in need, if that is offered. I may not have hundreds or thousands of dollars to donate, but I feel like this is the least I can do to help make this holiday season a little brighter for others in my community.

What are some other ideas you do to give to your community during the holiday season?