10 Things I Learned From Take Shape For Life/Medifast

  1. You can actually survive on 800-1000 cal/day and not starve…I’m here to tell you it’s not only possible, I actually had days where I had to double up on meals to get it all in.  And when you are eating every 2-3 hours, you are never far away from your next meal.
  2. Eating so many times a day means no blood sugar drop – that yucky feeling when you hit the wall and find yourself starving. Otherwise known as hangry (hungry + angry).
  3. I needed to adjust my caloric intake UP to lose weight while working out.  Seems counterintuitive, right?  But when the scale wasn’t moving, I started to eat 100-200 more calories than on non-workout days and the scale slid downward!
  4. I finally understand what a portion size is for myself – and it is not the same size as my boyfriend!  Eating man-sized portions makes me too full and sick to my stomach.  I don’t need 12 oz of chicken to be full, I’m satiated with 6 oz of chicken.  Consequently, I also now understand what a portion size is for the kids too and surprise, surprise, it’s not the same size as the adults!
  5. Water, water, water.  You probably need more than you are drinking right now.  I found that when I drank 60 oz of water, I didn’t lose as much as when I drank 100oz of water.  My magic number still to this day is between 100-120 oz/day.  I remember the days when I would have a coffee (a latte actually) in the morning, a diet coke (cuz I was being good, right?) at lunch and another one at dinner and that would be my total liquid intake for the day.  Did you see a cup of water in that list somewhere?  Me neither.  No wonder I had trouble losing weight!
  6. I chose to power through to lose the weight – I figured it was better to be strict for several months and take the weight off in one fell swoop than to go off the rails every weekend and take a year to take the weight off.  It doesn’t take a year to lose 30 lbs.  It took me 4 months.
  7. And while I wanted to take the weight off quickly – no one is perfect.  It’s ok to get off track and then get back on plan.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Take it one day, one meal at a time.  If you get off track, get back on it for the next meal.
  8. I can be a little obsessive.  I don’t think that’s a good or bad thing.  But it’s something I became aware of as I diligently weighed every serving of food.
  9. Turns out I actually like zucchini! And spaghetti squash!  And mushrooms!  I discovered so many veggies that were never in my repertoire before.  Still unsure of brussel sprouts though.
  10. Finally, I needed to learn to trust the process.  Follow the program and you will lose weight.  We all have good weeks and not-so-great weeks.  Even on not-so-great weeks, I still lost weight.  Might not be much, but I lost weight.  And when I followed the plan, I felt good and lost weight.  You can too!

If you want more information about Take Shape For Life – check out my website: http://reinventedyou.tsfl.com or email me: reinventedyou@gmail.com.