I had a dr’s appointment this week.  Blood pressure is in check, thyroid is doing fine (as long as I continue with meds for both – boo), I got props for the way I’ve been eating, but there was one thing that I got my hand slapped for – cardio.  I know it and technically I’ve been increasing it.  2 walks around the lake last week.  I actually went to the gym *gasp* yesterday for the first time in MONTHS.  It’s been pouring down rain here this week and the lake just wasn’t an option.

So my question to her was how much (or really how little) cardio do I need to do?  Her answer: 1 hour per day of something that makes you sweat and gets you out of breath.  She suggested running.  Um no thanks.  I tried to explain that The Bar Method gets your heart rate up, but she said it did not count.  I’ve been looking around online trying to find an answer to what is the optimum amount of cardio to lose weight.  Cuz, oh yeah, according to her scale, I need to drop some more lbs.  Like 20.  ARGH!!

I love my Bar Method class, but I do not love running.  I’m not looking to run 7 hours/week.  Because I’m already spending 3-5 horus/week at the Bar Method, I’m trying to figure out what is the least amount of time I need to do to get this cardio business in.  The best answer I’ve found is from Mark’s Daily Apple – it essentially says to lift heavy things twice/week, sprint 1/week or 10 days, and do 3-5 hours/week of low level aerobic exercise like walking.  I think I can do this schedule.  I lift heavy things at The Bar Method.  I can add in sprints (just learned about Tabata sprints today).  Looks like I still need to get that cardio in – I’ll choose walking over spin class, thanks.  24 Hour Fitness, here I come.

What do you do for cardio?  Any suggestions for someone who feels like a hamster on a wheel at the gym?  I’m hoping this weather perks up and starts acting like summer around here so I get some lake-walking time in and explore some of our fantastic hiking trails.


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  1. paleoadventure
    May 19, 2011 @ 19:07:01

    I hate working out at the gym, it’s so repetitive and boring. I like to do fun and active things outdoors. Hiking is a great idea. Have you ever gone geocaching? All you need is a gps device. There are caches EVERYWHERE, some are just easy walks and others are challenging hikes/scrambles. I also recommend bikram/hot yoga; it gets your heart rate up, you burn at least 400 calories an hour, improves flexibility, let’s you detox, and makes you feel amaaazing. Dance classes are super fun too!


    • alisonreinvented
      May 20, 2011 @ 10:29:24

      I have never heard of geocaching! I will have to look into it. I live in Boulder CO so there are tons of hiking trails around here. And although I love regular yoga, I have never tried hot yoga – would that count as cardio? Thanks for all the suggestions – I also look forward to checking out your blog! 🙂


  2. Carsten
    May 19, 2011 @ 23:01:10

    Ah, well, that was the obvious answer for a conservative doctor. But, she’s got a point here: If you want to loose fat, you have to keep your activity level up. Running doesn’t do much besides keeping you doing moving for a long time.

    When I want to loose weight, I’d start running 3 to 5 km every morning again, and finish that off with 5min interval training. BUT that would be additional to heavy lifting, and I mean really heavy lifting with the Big Three exercises.

    And heavy means “out of breath and yawning afterwards” heavy. 😉


    • alisonreinvented
      May 20, 2011 @ 10:36:11

      My knees just don’t care for running and neither do I. I’m hoping walking/hiking will do the trick. I DO love the Bar Method and I lift the heaviest weights in the class compared to everyone else. Most people use 2-3lbs. I use 6lbs for biceps and 4lbs for shoulders. We do arm exercises at the beginning of class and it definitely burns and I can barely lift at the end. The rest of the class is working the other muscle groups to exhaustion – I literally shake. Love that feeling! 🙂


  3. Karen B.
    May 21, 2011 @ 11:54:10

    I also hate doing cardio and tried to run and was ok at it but hated every minute. Now I bike almost every day and I love it. It’s more recreation than cardio for me. It’s a huge sport where I live, though, and very competitive. I’m the only one not on a 10,000 bike and suited up the butt in racing gear. I just wear sweats or capris, a t-shirt, helmet and sneakers. 🙂 I don’t bike for an hour, more like 30 minutes but it’s made a huge difference in the appearance of cellulite on my legs!


    • alisonreinvented
      May 26, 2011 @ 20:56:24

      I don’t know where you live, but you just described Boulder. Seriously can’t drive down the street without weaving past 10 bicyclists with all their sponsored gear. I tried the recumbent bike at the gym the other day. Not bad. But will be even better when I can take my real bike out sometime. 🙂


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