Gap Size 6!!!

You want to know what is great for one’s self-esteem?  Cleaning out your closets!  I have moved 8 times in the last 11 years.  I love moving and clearing things out.  I try to do this every time I’ve moved.

In 2006 I quit my corporate job as an event planner and started my own company.  While working the corporate job and for a little time afterwards I wore a suit at least on Day 1 of every event I did.  Depending on the event, I would wear a suit for the entire time.  I hate suits.  I hate button down shirts.  H-A-T-E.

I did a pretty big cleanout the last time I moved but I held on to ALL of my old business clothes, including my last 2 suits.  Now, granted, I haven’t worn a suit in a few years…but I held on…just in case.  Cuz you never know, right?

Today I tried on those last 2 suits – size 12 by the way.   I figure if I can fit both of my arms down my pants while it’s zipped…it might be time to let them go.  And so with a huge smile on my face, I put them in the giveaway pile.  🙂

You know what else was in my closet?  A lot of clothes from the early 2000’s.  They were pretty stylish back then.  Not so much now.  I had quite a few formal evening gowns for events I attended, including a bridesmaids dress (when do you EVER wear those again??), and even some casual dresses that looked great back then.  Again, not so much now.  I also went thru a phase of buying things just for an occasion, not because they fit well.  Why?  Why would I do that?  I wore it once or twice and then it sit in my closet.  And moved with my closet!

I also had a plethora of jeans.  Big jeans, little jeans, long jeans, short jeans, jeans that fit perfectly (at one point in my life), and some that I’ve held on to simply because I liked the number on the tag (didn’t mean they fit that great).  I gave them all away.

Right now in my closet I have a baggy size 8 gap jeans that are my every day go to, another size 8 (not sure of the brand) dark wash jeans that are for flats, and a pair of size 6 gap jeans in a dark wash for heels.  That’s right – a size SIX!  Bought right off the rack at the Gap – not the outlet store, the real store.  And you know what?  They fit like a glove!  I don’t ever want to wear another pair of pants that just fit ok.  I want to wear clothes I look good in, that I feel good in.


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