Schmoozin & Boozin

That whole giving up fruit and alcohol didn’t really work out this week either.

I had an unexpected trip to Colorado Springs that led to the demise of my lofty goals.  On Tuesday morning right after 10am I had 3 soft boiled eggs (I started off ok, right?)…and we decided to go to Colorado Springs – which is a 2 hour drive from Boulder – to go to a conference that my boyfriend was scheduled to be at.  Knowing we would be in the car for 2 hours and arrive at our destination after lunch and would have to jump right into the thick of things we chose to pack a big ol bag of berries (strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries) and a container of almonds to munch on while we drove.  Fruit Fail.  So yummy, and thank GOD we had it because we didn’t end up eating dinner until 8pm that night.  (does that count as Intermittent Fasting??)  But before dinner, we met clients for drinks.  I chose pinot noir.  One glass would’ve been fine.  Two glasses would’ve been ok.  But once we started, the wine kept flowing and before I knew it…Wine Fail.  By this point I was so starved, I just kept drinking what was poured.  Never a good idea.

Dinner that night was at another bar.  Not a lot of choices.  Buffalo wings, nachos, and jalapeno poppers were ordered for the table.  Did I mention I was starved?  I couldn’t even reach the nachos so the wings and poppers were what made it into my mouth.  Then my boyfriend and I shared a chicken sandwich which had cheese and was served with sweet potato fries and waffle fries.  Technically the wings were pure protein, the poppers were a vegetable, sweet potatoes aren’t that bad – well maybe they are when prepared as french fries.  Cheese wasn’t on the strictly paleo list, neither were the waffle fries, or the cream cheese filling in the poppers or that 1/2 a bun I had.  But you know what…I did the best I could.  Perhaps I could’ve done better.  But I can’t kick myself over it.  All I can do is try better the next day.  And I did.  The next day I had a protein shake for breakfast, some fruit for a snack, a cobb salad for lunch, and chinese for dinner.  I still had a couple drinks, but not as much as the day before.

And now that we’re home, it’s so much easier to prepare food for ourselves and I appreciate it all the more.


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