Friday Night Vodka Tonics

I have not kept up with my no alcohol rule during the week.  Wine with dinner almost every night.  Red, white, whatever is being served.  And I topped off the week with too many vodka tonics…those are paleo, right???  Hm…I’m not sure.  So my renewed goal is to only drink at weekend social events – happy hour with friends, a family dinner, something like that.  Right now, I don’t feel like having any vodka any time soon.  I let the fruit slide too.  Those strawberries are so damn good!  But they are not helping with fat loss.  So I’m going to restrict the fruit too to once a week – kinda like a free day.

My boyfriend’s business partner is in town this weekend – hence the vodka tonics…and me trying to keep up with the big boys.  Anyway, they have a new venture they are working on and we went out for dinner last night to celebrate.  We went to Jax – which is probably my favorite restaurant in Boulder.  I did a pretty good job keeping on plan…with a few exceptions.  We had kushi oysters and clam strips to start.  Oysters were fresh (totally paleo), clam strips were fried (eh…not so paleo).  Then we had lobster mac & cheese.  Totally NOT paleo, but OH. MY. GOD.  DIVINE!!!  The 3 of us shared the appetizer portion.  But let’s be real.  I could’ve eaten the whole thing on my own.  But I don’t think my buddha would’ve appreciated it if I did.  It was so rich.  But my tiny 1/3 portion was perfect.  For dinner I had the blue marlin special which was served medium rare like tuna and set on a sweet potato hash (totally paleo!) and topped with grilled asparagus.  DELISH!  Since we were celebrating and since I haven’t been to Jax in months and months…I decided to top it all off with the molten chocolate cake all to myself.  MMMMMM!!!  It was a small portion and served with vanilla ice cream.  Again, totally NOT paleo….but I savored every bite!



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