On the Paleo Bandwagon

This week my boyfriend (J) has been on the paleo bandwagon big time.  He’s my partner in crime in everything else in life and it’s nice to have him along on this ride too.  He’s been so supportive of me since I started in January.  Sometimes he would eat what I ate and sometimes he didn’t.  Well this week he really buckled down and ate paleo every day with me and I think he truly liked it.  We tried some AMAZING recipes (courtesy of Paleo Perfectly).

Something as simple as salad dressing which reminded me of a dressing my grandma used to make for family dinners.  It was probably just some wishbone mix, but I LOVED it.  And really hadn’t tasted anything like it until this recipe.  My boyfriend’s mom used to make something similar so it took him back too.

We tried pork for the first time this week.  I know that probably sounds funny.  But I never eat it and I didn’t think J liked it, so it just never figured into my grocery list and menu-making.  But this week when we were standing in line at the butcher’s, the guy in front of us bought some pork and out of nowhere J asks him how he prepares it, is it good, can we grill it…so in addition to our steaks, we also tried one teeny tiny piece of pork.  We grilled it up before our steaks as a little protein appetizer and damn if it wasn’t delicious!  Kinda fun to add a whole new item to our repetoire!

We also tried steak lettuce wraps with asian slaw – which was so yummy and a great way to have leftover steak.

And right now I have some banana muffins cooling – this is the first time I’ve used coconut oil, almond flour, or coconut flour.  I added some cinnamon to the recipe.  Super moist and tasty –  success!  And I have some water with lemon and mint chilling in the fridge.  Perfect for this almost summer-like day in Colorado!  Gotta get it in before it supposedly snows tomorrow!

PS – No weigh-ins this week.  I’ve decided not to bother until the end of April.


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