Goodbye 4HB, Hello Primal/Paleo!

I’ve become obsessed.  First I was obsessed with 4HB…I wanted to make sure I had all the details down and knew all that I had to do in order to lose 20 lbs in 30 days.  And although I didn’t lose 20 lbs in even 90 days, I wouldn’t change a thing.  4HB helped me take a good hard look at what I’ve been eating, it helped me make the leap to no carbs (which is still shocking to me) and eventually led me to my newest obsession…Primal/Paleo!

I’m not even sure how I started reading about Primal/Paleo…I have a few friends who have posted about it on FB.  I even found an article on Tim Ferriss’ blog about Paleo (check it out here)!  I’ve read the books Primal Blueprint and the Paleo Diet as well as countless websites, blogs, and forums.  (Some favorites include: marks daily apple, whole 9, and everyday paleo)  And it just makes sense.  It’s essentially what I’ve been doing – eating whole foods, protein, vegetables, no white stuff, no legumes, no potatoes, corn, peas, processed foods.  They encourage organic/grassfed/etc…and although I’m working on it, I’m not stressing about it too much either.  I’m still learning all the details but I think Primal/Paleo is the most logical next step for me.  My goal now is not about 20lbs of fatloss, it’s about being healthy and feeling good.  I don’t really care about what the scale says, I care more about what my buddha says!  (buddha = stomach).  I’ve found that beans don’t work for me…and turns out that legumes aren’t great for people with autoimmune diseases!  Who knew?  My body told me before I read about it.  When I eat 3 slices of cheesy pizza like I did on Saturday, even if it tastes super yummy (and it did!)…my body is not a fan of it (big buddha-ache!).  Not sure if it’s the cheese or the crust, probably both.  But I’m learning to listen to my body.

So this is my plan right now – eat protein and vegetables (in that order…for more info why, check out Athletic Greens’ email here and his follow-up email here), take athletic greens and fish oil every morning, some fruit (mostly berries)/dairy/wine on weekends only, not be concerned with 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking, 1 cheat meal per week…and I’m going to try to stay gluten-free at this meal as well…wish me luck!




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  1. Leanne
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 06:11:18

    Go Alison, go!

    This is the way I’ve gone – or would if I could give up sweets! No corn, no taters, few fruits, no beans, no rice and no grains (or seriously limited): no problem. Chocolate covered almonds: the devil herself!

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Karen B
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 11:59:40

    I also gave up on the beans. They didn’t bother my stomach/digestion but just hated them. I used to love lentil soup but I even hate that now after eating it for so long. Unfortunately, all those beans and lentils later and 5 weeks too I only lost 3 pounds and didn’t go down even one size. Last week I started the old weight watchers 123 success because you can eat anything on it. You can do paleo with it, Atkins, vegi, vegan, absolutely any diet fits into WW. Now I’ve lost 3 pounds in one week and though I’m still not down even 1 size, I feel like I’m on my way.
    And if there’s a pizza night or a birthday cake, I can still fit it in.
    Good luck on your Paleo, I’ve done it and love it! Meat rules!


  3. Suzie
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 17:34:07

    Awesome Alison! This is what I’m planning on doing after 4HB too 🙂


    • alisonreinvented
      Apr 15, 2011 @ 12:32:23

      Thanks Suzie! I just read that on your blog too…any reason for waiting on paleo? It seems like the biggest change is cutting out the beans, right? It was a natural progression for me. So far, so good!


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