Double Cheats & a Free Week!

Ahhhh…..what a nice relaxing week of not worrying too much if I’m doing this whole 4HB diet to a “T”!  Last week I had a double cheat weekend followed by a week of eating sensibly but with a few freebies every day and this weekend is turning out to be a double cheat as well.  In addition to eating well, lots of protein and veggies, here is a list of my “cheats”:

Last Saturday (which is typically a Free Day for me) – hash browns, english muffin, pizza, cheese, bread, a few vodka tonics, top ramen

Sunday – hash browns, one pancake, sushi, a mini pie which I like to call a pie-lette (actual size is smaller than the palm of my hand), mac & cheese cup

Monday – 1/2 of a small yam, blueberries

Tuesday – greek yogurt with honey, gummi bears (a lot)

Wednesday – cheese on chipotle bowl, 1/2 of a small yam, blueberries

Thursday – banana, 1/2 of a chocolate bar

Friday – two 6″ corn tortillas, a little cheese/sour cream (I made chicken enchiladas for dinner), 1/2 of a chocolate bar

Saturday (TODAY!) – banana, granola w/ milk

I would also like to add that I had at least one or two glasses of red wine EVERY day – normally I may have one or two glasses in a week, the occasional diet coke – which I usually don’t have at all, and quite a bit of cottage cheese for protein – which I never really had before.  I cut out the protein shakes in the am and stuck with whole foods (hence the cottage cheese).  I went to the Bar Method 3 times but did zero kettlebells or ab work outside of class.  I did take a couple short walks this week, but that is the extent of my exercising.

I did sneak a weigh-in yesterday – c’mon….I was so curious to see if I’ve gained a ton of weight for suddenly eating fruit and all the other off-plan items!  I’m happy to report that I weigh exactly the same as the last time I weighed in.  And I even managed to lose 1/2 inch this week.  So all in all, I would say this week was a SUCCESS!!

I’m not planning on going full-out Free Day today.  And tomorrow we have a family brunch to go to and we are bringing the mimosas.  I’m not going to miss out on that!  So this weekend will be a half-assed Free Weekend.  Monday will be the start of a new week and I am going to try to be super strict with food and up the exercise…for REAL this time!  🙂  FYI, rebounding isn’t my thing.  Looks fun, wasn’t so bad the first couple times, but I need a serious sports bra to keep the girls happy.  I think I’ll stick with walking.  And with the 70*+ days we’ve been having, getting some vitamin D might not be a bad idea either.


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