Putting the Scale Away

Not much to report today.  I lost .2 lbs and 2.5″.  One of the things that really keeps me going are all of the support groups on Facebook.  I check them religiously and I’m constantly learning from this tight-knit community of people.  Today there was a post from Four Hour Body Participants administrator:

REMEMBER – the scales are not measuring what you are losing. Inches and scans are where it is at. If you are discouraged by no drop in weight then STOP weighing yourself.

And so, I think I will put my scale away for the rest of the month!  Usually I weigh myself at least once or twice during the week and then officially on Saturday mornings.  The next 2 weeks will be pre and during my period so the numbers won’t be pretty anyway.  So why be disappointed!  I will keep checking inches on Saturdays which his a better indicator of my progress.

I’m already enjoying my Free Day – I’ve had a protein shake, a bowl of granola with almond milk and sliced banana, a greek yogurt with honey and some strawberries.  I know that doesn’t sound too extravagant but it was soooo yummy.  I think we are taking the kids to a movie today and I will feast on some popcorn and diet coke!  For dinner we are having brown rice pasta (the little one is still having some gluten senstivities…otherwise we would have white pasta) and spaghetti sauce and garlic bread and ice cream for dessert!  Happy Free Day!



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