Time to Kick it Up a Notch!

I got a Bodpod scan today and it was very educational!  I am 39.1% fat?!?!  I’m just this side of “risky” the highest end of the spectrum – yikes!  I am in the “excess fat” category.  You’d think they could come up with more pleasant category names.  I think my expectations were skewed because I had been fooled by caliper readings when I was working with a personal trainer oh so many years ago.  My best number via calipers was around 18% which would be considered “ultra lean/elite athlete” (wouldn’t that be nice?).  Needless to say, calipers are not very accurate.  The Bodpod is.  I wish I had gotten it done when I started and I wonder what it will be in a month or two?

Best way to lower it is pick up the cardio and exercises…and that is my focus for March!

This month I’m committing to:

  • Going to the Bar Method at a minimum 3 x’s per week, and strive for 4 or 5 times.
  • kettlebells 3 x’s per week (instead of 2)
  • rebounding 3 x’s per week for 30 minutes each time.  I’ve read that 30 minutes of rebounding is equivalent to 30 minutes of running.  As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really care for running.  And since we have a rebounder in our house, there’s no excuse for not getting to the gym.
  • I’m going to add in a 4th meal…which will most likely be a protein shake.
  • I started Athletic Greens last week and LOVE them and will keep it goin.
  • I’ve been adding 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon in my shake this last week…not sure if it does anything (supposed to help with fat loss), but it does taste yummy!
  • I’m going to cut back the water intake.  Last month I averaged 125-150 oz per day.  I had already decided to cut back but today at my Bodpod reading, I was told that ideally one should have 70% of your lean weight (lbs) of water.  That means I should be averaging 67 oz of water!  WHOO HOO!!!!  I’m going to strive for 75-100 oz.  She said to drink more if you lose a lot of water sweating…which with my increased activity, I plan to do.
  • For now I’m cutting the cold therapy.  I’m not sure it did anything for me.
  • I’m adding fish oil – massive amounts of fish oil.  I’ve read so many great things about fish oil that it deserves it’s own post.  To be continued…
  • And finally, I’m cutting back on beans and doing more veggies and protein.  I will try for 1/4-1/2 cup beans at lunch, but none at dinner.  Again, at my Bodpod reading today, I was told that ideally for weight loss and muscle gain I should have 1.5 the amount of lean lbs in grams of protein.  By my calculations, that means I should have 145g of protein per day!  WHOA.  That is a LOT.  The Bodpod person said she has 100-130g per day.  My goal is going to be 100-125g – which is still way more than I’ve been doing.

The 4 Hour Body really is an experiment in finding what works for your own body.  There are so many different ways to “hack” the system.  But knowing what I am working with (via the Bodpod) will definitely help me figure out what is best for me.  And the magic answer is good ol diet and exercise.  I’m tweaking the diet…which isn’t really a diet anymore, just the way I eat.  And now I’m kicking up the exercise!




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carsten
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 20:36:10

    Just a thought for the category names: I’d expect a personal trainer to have prettier names for the bodyfat readings, because he doesn’t want to scare you. Well, at least not if you had at least 1 (paid) session with him or her… he’d make sure that you stay motivated to pay him again, so the “ultra lean/athlete” naming fits well. 😉


  2. Nick Momrik
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 09:40:59

    Had you been keeping track of any body fat numbers? I don’t recall seeing any in your previous posts after looking back through some. I’m curious how the Bodpod scan would compare.


    • alisonreinvented
      Mar 04, 2011 @ 08:11:35

      No – I’ve just been going off of inches/weight. That was my first bodpod scan. I kinda wish I had one done at the beginning….but it just would’ve been a worse number….lol. It’s good to know where you are at tho and I’m working hard to get that number down! Will probably get another scan in a month or 2.


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