Free Day

I think this weekend was a wash.  My Cheat Day was not much of a cheat.  In fact, from now on I’m calling it a “Free Day” thanks to Rosane Serna from the 4 Hour Body Participants facebook page.  She calls it a Free Day “Because it has freed me from the power food had over me. I love that on this day anything & everything is free.”  I love that she calls it a Free Day! But even more, I love WHY she calls it that! From now on, it’s my Free Day too!

My free day was pretty lame this week.  I started off with a protein shake in the morning and then I had ½ a salami and provolone sandwich & a ½ bag of bbq chips & a diet pepsi at noon, then at 2pm I had the other ½ of the sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie.  For dinner we had grilled chicken (so disappointing on a Free Day…but healthy for the kiddos), baked potatoes with sour cream, butter, and bacon.  Screw the veggies 🙂  And for dessert I had a handful of m&m’s.

Normally I go all out on this day….stuffing myself to the gills, literally making myself sick to my stomach.  By not overdoing it… surprise, surprise…I actually felt good.  I didn’t feel sick.  Sunday wasn’t hard to get back on plan.  I didn’t do very well with water on either day – max 75 oz each day.  But I usually let it slide a little on Saturdays and Sundays are for recovering.

It’s now Monday and I’m ready to finish out my 2nd month on a high note!  I’m putting it out there and envisioning the lowest numbers on the scale that I’ve seen in my adult life (can I actually reach that 10 lb weightloss mark??), lots of inches lost (how much can I lose in one week?), and a low percentage of body fat (even lower than when I was working out with a trainer??)!



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