Midweek Blahs

It’s Wednesday….blah.  I’m sick of beans….blah.  I had my period so I think this will be a “no change in weight” week…blah.  I’ve had some crazy strong cravings this week (hello week 7??  shouldn’t these be gone??) but have been a good girl anyway….blah.  If I keep losing at the rate I’m going, I won’t hit that magic number until July….blah.  I know I shouldn’t compare myself to other people’s successes on this diet but sometimes I can’t help myself….blah.

Do you ever get the blahs?  What do you do to turn yourself around?

I’ve just reread my posts to remind me of the progress I have made.  And although I feel blah today, I haven’t gained any weight or cheated on a non-cheat day.  What’s great is that I’m making some progress on that number on the scale without killing myself on the treadmill.  And those total inches are coming down, down, down.  I’m very proud of that!

I think I feel better now that I’ve acknowledged my blah-ness and as the saying goes, tomorrow is another day…



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