2nd “Binge” and a NEW Normal

End of the 2nd week and end of the 2nd “binge day”.  I thought I would go easier on my 2nd time around…I had big dreams of fruit and sushi and healthy foods I’m not eating during the week.  Yeah, that didn’t really happen.  Here’s what did:

Started the day with coffee and a half teaspoon of cinnamon and a couple clementines.

Then we went to my favorite breakfast place and I gorged myself (quite literally) on eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and pancakes.  Syrup & butter…the works.  Even managed a glass of grapefruit juice.

I met a friend at a coffee shop in the afternoon and was planning on just having a cup of tea but my friend ordered a large hot chocolate and it sounded so good and I thought, why not?  I couldn’t finish it…but it was sooooo good!

Afterwards I stopped at Target to pick up some items and if you read my last “binge” entry you know how much I love gummi bears and they were calling my name again.  I also stopped at Whole Foods and got a little thing of spicy tuna sushi and some fruit for later.  (I had good intentions!)

For dinner we had Indian food (pre-4 Hour Body we would have Indian food at least once a week) – chicken tikka masala, lots of rice, samosas, and naan.  For dessert – more gummi bears.

Towards the end of the night I hadn’t touched the fruit yet and even though my stomach was so full and I was not even hungry, I didn’t want the day to end without tasting sweet strawberries and tasty pineapple.  It was so yummy but I was so full.

Thinking back on the day, I really didn’t have anything too unusual from what a “normal” day was before I starting the 4 Hour Body.  I wouldn’t have pancakes or hot chocolate or gummi bears on a normal day.  But I might have one or the other.  It’s eye-opening to see how much I used to eat and how full I am now after just one of those meals.

Needless to say, I was happy to wake up today and get back to my NEW “normal” way of eating.


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