Week 2 Roundup

The totals from this week are….1 lb lost and 1.95″ lost

Not the drastic totals that I lost the first week, but the fact that I’m still losing (and not gaining or staying the same) means to me that this process is still working.

The grand totals are…5 lb lost and 6.9″ lost

This week was easier in some ways and harder in others.  It was my 2nd week, so I knew what I liked to eat and had a bit of a routine down.  It was harder because we had the kids staying with us and “bad” foods were in my kitchen and even in my hands.  I still showed restraint and never even licked the cheese dust from the chips off my fingers…let alone pop a chip in my mouth.  (SUCCESS!)

Yesterday was also a little difficult because for the first time in 2 weeks I had to eat lunch and dinner at restaurants instead of at home.  For lunch I met a friend at California Pizza Kitchen.  I ordered the BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad – half order – and specifically requested no cheese or tomatoes.  (no rules about tomatoes, I’m just a tomato hater).  When I got my order, I realized that I forgot to request no tortilla chips.  They were crushed up and all mixed in the salad.  Try as I might, there was no way to pick them all out.  I did my best.  The chicken was grilled, technically there were black beans in there – but not nearly the amounts that I’ve been eating them, and I even had a diet pepsi (my first soda in 2 weeks!).

Next stop was Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  This was the kids choice – their favorite restaurant – and a reward for excellent report cards.  I’m not a huge fan, but managed to avoid the fried foods again.  I had “naked tenders”  which is grilled chicken and a side salad.  I didn’t realize that the salad had cheese on it until it arrived.  So I did surgery on my food once again and did my best to remove the cheese.  I’d like to note that I didn’t finish my lunch OR my dinner.  I did have a few mouthfuls of black beans before we left for dinner since I skimped on lunch and turns out I completely skipped on dinner.

My water intake was not what it should’ve been especially yesterday.  I’ve been trying to get 120 ounces of water every day – which I’ve been reading other blogs and seeing that maybe this STILL isn’t enough?!?  Trust me, this is a LOT for someone who used to never drink a single cup of water.  The last couple days though, I’ve only managed about 75 ounces of water.  So did this affect my weight loss or inches lost?  I don’t know.  All I can do is try better next week!



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