Cooking for Kids

Yesterday was tough.  For many reasons.

1. It was Wednesday – enough said.

2. I skipped a meal.  😦

3. We had the kids last night.


Now normally #3 is not difficult.  I love my boyfriend’s kids as if they were my own flesh and blood.  They are sweet, smart kids and we always have fun with them when they stay with us.  I do have had a hard time finding meals they like to eat (I guess that is a subject for another blog – Cooking for Kids anyone?).


My default is spaghetti.  Note to reader: my cheat dinner last week was spaghetti.  Yikes.


So not only did I make said spaghetti for them, but I also made their lunches for school today which included sandwiches (mmm…bread!) and lots of fruit (oh how I miss clementines!) and even a chocolate pudding for dessert.  Man, jello pudding cups never looked so good.


Yesterday was a success.  For many reasons.

1. I didn’t cheat.

2. I made healthy meals that everyone likes.

3. Today is Thursday and I get to try all over again.


Shout out to for posting about Wicked Wednesdays.  I feel your pain sister!  Stay strong!



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